About Quillin Consulting, LLC


Quillin Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned boutique consultancy located in Washington, DC specializing in content development, research, and strategy for the public and private sectors.

We focus on providing knowledge-based, experience-driven content, marketing, communications, and project management services and advice to a variety of non-profit, corporate, and research organizations with a particular focus on helping arts and education organizations achieve their publishing, branding, and philanthropic goals. Our clients include think tanks, research-oriented companies, and publishers, as well as a variety of private corporations and non-profit organizations.


At Quillin Consulting, we finesse content, styling language to create knowledge products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We have a firm commitment to taking ideas—no matter how complex or simple—and messaging them in the right way to the right people. We provide content, expertly done.

To learn more about our services, please email jessica at quillin dash consulting dot com.